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Providing Childcare is the Secret Ingredient to Hosting Events that Build Trust and Engagement.

It is the time of the year for non-profit organizations (charities, agencies, religious organizations)/wedding planners and conference organizers plan their year-round events and decide on their event metrics.

Who do I want to invite?

Why this group (objectives)?

What is my end goal and/or purpose?

What outcomes do I seek?

What's been my ROI (from previous events)?

These are some questions all key decision makers strategically work through.

With the ultimate end goal of engaging their core stakeholders and donors. With this in mind, how do maximize your time with donors and key stakeholders, especially if they have a family?

Have you thought of providing specialized childcare customized to meet the needs of your events? Childcare that comes to your event, customized to suit your event needs, bringing specialized childcare professionals and providing you with a priceless opportunity to attract more families to attend - your special event - business or personal!

Making your one-on-one time with the prospective donor, more meaningful, as your stakeholders are not rushing to get back and have a peace of mind, knowing your organization is engaging their entire family. This is definitely food-for-thought.

What do you think the ROI would be on such an offering? Curious to get your thoughts and feedback. Drop me a line.

Happy Tuesday.

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