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"Little Einstein's Nanny Agency is a premiere, award-winning babysitting and nanny agency serving clients in Saskatchewan and Canada-wide" 

All About Little Einsteins

We are a family-owned business with deep roots and family connections in Canada and the U.S. Little Einstein's Nanny Agency started as an at-home Montessori and with great humility today services over 2000 + families. Recipient of the Open Door Society Newcomer Business Award and consecutive two-year winner of the Community Votes Gold Award. Finalist for the Diversity Award in 2024. We are a major employer for newcomers in Canada & U.S.A. We have numerous non-profit partnerships to support employment and are an industry leader in the childcare industry.     

Little Einstein's is spearheading the movement for a Canadian Nanny Academy and plans to raise the profile of this professional industry in Canada and the U.S. Sam & Zef started their entrepreneurial dream in 2017 with passion, care and a clear purpose - finding trusted childcare. Our journey continues today and we'd love for you to be part of our exceptional childcare experience! 

We believe in total discretion and confidentiality, starting from the first conversation and we approach the recruitment service uniquely. Depending on client needs, we have often signed non-disclosure agreements (NDA's) to ensure the entire process is handled with tact, professionalism and care. 

Thank you Texas and U.S for supporting local and family-owned! 

With Much Love,

Your Little Einstein's Team


+1 (306) 805-5348



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