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Little Einstein's Nanny Agency - Childcare Services

Group Care - Conferences/


Through a meticulous selection process, we hand-pick the very best childcare specialists to ensure a perfect fit for your group. 


We prioritize building a strong relationship through our comprehensive registration process and consultation. This allows us to tailor our services to perfectly align with your requirements. Whether you need weekly or monthly care or even childcare for large events, we've got you covered.

Hotel Care

Travelling to Saskatchewan and Texas and need reliable care in a new city while you are on break, work trip or relocating. Finding reliable and trusted childcare is priceless!

Whether you are staying at Elk Ridge, Fairmont, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Embassy Suites, Post Oak, Four Seasons or The Houstonian or at any resort/hotel with family/friends, or at an Airbnb, our childcare specialists will come to you. There is no need to drop your children off anywhere. We make it easy!

Corporate Care

After consultations with 25+ executives in SK and TX - we are proudly launching our shared corporate childcare benefits. Employers share childcare benefits costs with employees' - creating accountability and savings for both! 

Religious/Non-Profit Care

We work with all religious organizations to staff church, synagogue, mosque temple and other religious activities with childcare specialists. 

We have begun developing relationships with childcare agencies, charities and other non-profit agencies to help support their cause and events.  

Little Einstein's Nanny Agency - Sitter, Nanny & Household Manager Services

On Call Sitters

Available to help you regardless of your situation - fast and responsive. 

This is for families looking for a casual babysitter for date nights or sick days. Our babysitters are available 24/7 and can also be booked last minute.

Newborn Care Nannies

Trained experts who help care for your little one so you can savor this all-too-short season.

This is for families who are looking for a nanny to care for a newborn (6 months and under). We will assign your family a nanny who is well specialized in caring for newborns. This process takes about 6 - 8 weeks so please make sure to start as early as possible.

Language Nannies

Creative collaborators who meet kids right where they are and empower them to become life-long learners.

Hospital Sitters

This is for families who are looking for a sitter to help take care of the children during an emergency or longer hospital stay or post-surgery. Those families associated with a non-profit medical charity or kids hospital are eligible for special pricing. 

Personalized Staffing

Looking for something more unique in terms of your staffing needs. We also cater to a number of HNW families seeking a holistic solution to their staffing needs.


Household positions include but not limited to: Chef, Personal Assistant, Security, Chief of Staff, Nutrition Coach, Yoga Coach, Wellness Coach, Executive Assistant, Chauffeur, Yacht Crew, Yacht Chef, Stylist, Butler, Palace Manager, Horse Keeper, Pet Keeper, Housekeeper, Personal Trainer, Valet,  Helicopter and Aircraft Pilots, Jet Cabin Crew​, Caretaker and Grounds Keeper and more.  

Shift Care Sitters

Quick, responsive helpers that are used to working flex hours so you can be you. 

This is for families looking for a nanny on a shift work or consistent schedule. We will assign your family 2 consistent nannies. You must submit your dates in advance to ensure availability of your assigned sitter.

Travel/Summer Nannies

Adaptable, flexible helpers who foster your child’s curiosity wherever life takes your family.

This is for families who are looking to hire a nanny to travel with them (3 months or less). This process takes about 6 - 8 weeks so please make sure to start as early as possible.

Household Managers

Running a household can feel like a full-time job — and that’s because it is. If you’re spending too much time on managing household duties, and not enough time enjoying your home and bonding with your loved ones, you may need a household manager. 

Home Sitters

This is for families who are looking for a sitter to attend to their home - whether you are a snow bird or just looking to have someone around your house to ensure your home and plants are taken care of while you are away- this service is for you.

Full Time Nannies

Positive, proactive professionals who care about your child as much as you do.


This is for families looking to hire a nanny for full time (30+ hours/week) AND long term (6+ months). This process takes about 4 - 6 weeks, so please make sure you start as early as possible.

Au Pairs

Introduce your family to the language and traditions of another country while knowing your children are safe, happy and cared for.

We find Au Pair candidates based on family requirements and needs (personal & professional) and try to match the two for a quality Au Pair placement.

Overnight Sitters

This is for families who are looking for a nanny to either work overnight. This can be scheduled anytime after 7pm onwards or earlier. 

Before & After School Care

This is for families who need childcare before or after school only. We will interview 10 - 15 candidates and you will be able to choose one nanny. Our vetted nannies will drive your children to and from school to your place of residence. This process takes anywhere from 1 - 2 weeks.

On call, shift work nannies and overnight nannies can be booked via this membership.  

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